"A Creative Focus I've Never Felt Before. I Feel Sharp, Alert, and Am Vibing Extremely High"

The Art of Matching Your Genes with Your Routine
An Exclusive Free Master-Level Presentation For Creative Professionals

How to get the Consistent Energy, Mood, and Focus to Fuel your Creative Self in 2020:

  • ​Why the science of epigenetics is changing the game for high performers ready to boost their brain power, hack their well-being, and prevent burnout
  • ​How to use your DNA to determine optimal nutrition for your body - not someone else's (and why you should be skeptical of genetic testing)
  • Which proven strategies for destroying brain fog, lowering inflammation, and losing weight can actually save you time and money and help you wake up refreshed each morning
  • ​You'll get a free gift just for watching the presentation valued at $199+ 
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David Krantz is a certified epigenetic health coach specializing in helping creative professionals unlock their potential through the cutting edge techniques you'll see in today's presentation. He's worked with hundreds of successful clients and was nominated as a 2019 Top 100 Healthcare Innovator by the International Forum for Healthcare Advancement.

This FREE master-level presentation gets straight to the point and reveals to you the most effective strategies for personalizing your routine to help you function at the highest level possible and make you resistant to stress.

David charges up to $8000 for his services, but is giving away the core foundations for FREE and will show you what makes his work so effective for creatives in this free presentation. Register now before this video is taken down in a few days. 
FREE Bonus Gift Included for Today's Attendees

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"Once I began to apply the information - I saw the results immediately... I used to think I had a limited amount of energy for the day, but once I applied the information it was like the more active I was the more energy I had"

Bailey Boyd - Audio Engineer
"Extremely Valuable"
David provided a wealth of information; simultaneously, he made the information digestible in a way that made it applicable and not overwhelming. I would recommend this to anyone interested in increasing their quality of life.
Taylor Pearon - Movement Artist and Trainer
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